14K Strawberry Gold Ring with Chocolate Diamonds 1/20 cts., Vanilla Diamonds cts.
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14K Strawberry Gold Ring with Chocolate Diamonds 1/20 cts., Vanilla Diamonds cts.



Natural fancy brown diamonds are available in shades from champagne to cognac to Chocolate Diamonds, Le Vian’s original brand of natural fancy color brown diamonds. Chocolate Diamonds are naturally flavored, the depth of their color determined by the
tremendous amount of pressure the diamond receives from deep within the earth.

The Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia is the world’s largest producer of brown diamonds – 80% of Argyle’s gem quality is brown. Famous brown diamonds include the 545 carat dark rich champagne hued “Golden Jubilee,” the world’s largest cut natural

Nude Diamonds

Light Brown Diamonds, C2-C3 | Natural Color Diamond | Mohs Scale: 10 | April Birthstone | 10th Anniversary Gemstone

Nude Diamonds are more neutral than white diamonds; their natural hue complements all skin tones.

Nude Diamonds are neutral skin tone, natural color diamonds that look colorless, take a high polish and offer a great value that is a fraction of the price of white diamonds. Le Vian utilizes a very stringent selection process, choosing from a select
range of high clarity natural faint and light brown diamonds with a touch of blush, the top of production, that are C2-C3 in color and SI or VS in clarity. The majority of natural fancy color Nude Diamonds are responsibly sourced by Le Vian from the
Argyle Mine in Australia.


The journey of a diamond in the rough to the sparkling diamond design you love is a fascinating story, one that began billions of years ago, deep within the earth where a diamond has formed under extreme heat and pressure. Its ascent from its natural
home is forced by nature or man where it is then cleaved, cut and polished revealing its natural beauty. Diamonds are the hardest material on earth and the only gem that is composed of only one element, carbon.

Vanilla Diamonds are specially selected to adorn Le Vian designs – from breathtaking one-of-a-kind red carpet favored designs in Vanilla Gold to the trendsetting combination of Strawberry ‘N Vanilla featuring the blushing hue of Strawberry Gold topped
with Vanilla Diamonds.


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